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These amazing fritters where made during a workshop



Workshop Flavours of Michelle July 2023

Cooking Workshops

For those who are passionate about food and keen to expand their culinary skills, I also offer cooking workshops. Let yourself be inspired with exciting, flavoursome vegetarian and vegan dishes, far removed from the dull and tasteless stereotypes.


The goal is to ignite a spark of creativity, prompting you to further experiment with vegetarian and vegan cuisine at home. In each two-hour workshop, we'll prepare a selection of vegetarian or vegan main dishes and a dessert. And we'll of course savour the fruits of our labor once the cooking is done!


The price is €60 per person, with a minimum of four participants. To reserve your spot, please reach out to me at or +351 910610977. 

Recent Workshops - Veggie Side Dishes 

18 & 19 August



This workshop was all about veggie side dishes. I wanted to show you how veggies can be more exciting and special as a side dish.

Afterwards we enjoyed all the prepared dishes in our beautiful garden.

Interested in the next workshops? Keep an eye on this space or my Instagram. To reserve your spot, please reach out to me at or +351 910610977. 

I can't wait to see you at the next workshop! 🥞🍓🌱

My workshops are limited to 8 participants for an intimate and engaging experience. (Minimum of 4 participants)


Workshop Flavours of Michelle July 2023.jpeg
Create amazing plant based dishes with Private Chef Michelle

What can you expect

Vegetarian and vegan cooking is more than a culinary choice; it's a vibrant and exciting world, filled with endless flavourful combinations. With each veggie cut and spice sprinkled, we're creating something truly unique and delicious. In my hands-on workshops, we dive into this colourful culinary adventure together.

We kick things off by exploring seasonal veggies - the true stars of our dishes. We talk about them, touch them, and learn how to best bring out their natural flavours. Then, it's time to add the magic with a diverse palette of herbs and spices. Whether it's a familiar favourite or an exotic newcomer, each adds a special twist to our creations.

But, don't worry about it being complicated! I'm all about keeping things simple, approachable, and most importantly, fun. We'll be cooking, laughing, and learning together, making it an experience to remember.

And the journey doesn't end when the workshop does. I want you to go home feeling inspired and eager to experiment in your own kitchen. You'll have a treasure trove of new recipes, techniques, and ideas to explore and share.

So, let's roll up our sleeves and start this exciting culinary journey! Let's delve into the colourful, flavourful world of vegetarian and vegan cooking and discover the joy it brings to our plates and our lives!

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